“Counting Stuff” is about quantitative work, with a focus on the mundane but important work of data collection, cleaning, and research methodology. There’ll also be frequent forays into technical topics, especially those that are important to understand when … counting stuff.

But expect the occasional poke at topics that are tech-adjacent and just plain interesting and nerdy.

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About Me

I’m Randy Au, currently working as a Quantitative UX Researcher at a large tech company, and have spent many years in the trenches as a data analyst from before “Data Science” became the hot stuff of the 2010’s.

Outside of data, I spend much of my time on cooking, translation, and photography, gem cutting, and other hobbies. And handling a young kid in the house.

Twitter: @Randy_Au

I like having conversations on Twitter with other data folk, so feel free to strike up a conversation! DMs and such are also open if you want to ask questions (which, with permission, I might sometimes adapt (read: anonymize and expand) into full-sized posts).

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Randy Au
I stress about data quality a lot. Science-ing w/ Data. Hobby consultant. Works in Quantiative UX Research, and Data He/him